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ACCEPTING 50 % QOIN 99moxa massage clinic offer traditional Chinese remedial massage therapy ( such as cupping, guasha, Tuina, Moxibustion and Acupuncture). They have evolved over thousands of years to address health problems. Most of the body issues are based on the theory that imbalance of qi, which is the body's vital life energy, can cause blockage or imbalance that led to symptoms such as pain and illness. The traditional remedial massage stimulates the flow of qi to promote balance and harmony within the body using many of the same principles of Chinese traditional medicine (TCM). Julia Zhang is one of the therapists, has degree of Bachelor of health Science ( Acupuncture) and diploma of remedial massage certificate from Australia and has over twenty years experiences of TCM from China. She can read the tongue and pulse combined sign and symptom to threat the body issues. • Relaxation massage • Remedial massage • Chinese style massage (TUINA) • JingLuo Tuina (Meridian) • Acupressure • Foot Reflexology • Head Reflexology • Cupping • Guasha • Moxibustion • Dry needle • Electric needle • Cosmetic acupuncture

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