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Gold Coast massage service specialising in Ka Huna Bodywork. KaHuna massage, also known as Hawaiian Temple Style massage, is a whole-body flowing massage, with a holistic approach to healing the individual. My unique approach to Ka Huna massage and the energy & passion I bring to each session will leave your body feeling rejuvenated, nourished at heart, clear in your mind, connected to yourself, and more aligned with your soul-- who you are at the centre of your being. This is the intention I hold for each person I work with, and these are the possibilities of the Ka Huna massage experience. KaHuna massage is holistic in this way as it works on all levels of being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Ka Huna includes a variety of techniques such as long-flowing strokes with the hands and forearms, deep breathing, sounds, and prayer. Every Ka Huna massage is a sacred experience. A ritual. With the aid of my spirit guides and blessing of the Archangels, I allow myself to become a conduit for higher and more pure positive energies to flow. This is what makes my work 'A Touch of Mana'. This is what guides the massage experience and supports my clients to release stuck emotions, let go of limiting beliefs, move beyond stress & anxiety, become free of unnecessary holding patterns, and return to a more natural state of deep feeling within themselves. A place of tranquillity, and deep relaxation. This is how massage can become a source of empowerment and growth, a potentially transformational spiritual experience, rather than simply physical sensations and physical manipulations of the body. Cain's love of music and free-flow ecstatic dance (and his facilitation skills & expertise in this area) resonates deeply with the flowing art of KaHuna bodywork. This along with his extensive experience in doing deep inner-work within himself for over 10 years, allows him to pour his heart out during his sessions in a creative synergy of sensual movement and meditative mindfulness, all to a specially crafted playlist of music to inspire transcendental states of being. As he moves and dances around the massage table in this way, the massage becomes a form of devotion, a worshipping of the bodily temple that lay before him, and of the divine essence that exists within. A worshipping of your heart. The massage is no longer simply a massage, but an initiation into deeper levels of yourself. This is the magic of Ka Huna.

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