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Kirra Shores 20 Binya Ave
Tweed Heads

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Tweed Heads

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Massage Therapist. I believe we are all one, The holistic self branching out and rooting down. Infinitely. There in no disconnection, but for that which has been mentally constructed. It is often the body we see suffer due to this disconnection. varrious pains are stored in the fascial memories. rather these are memories stored. we are here, in this magical time, to help restore the universal Qi, To heal not only others, but ourselves as well. Using engeretic body work, to balance the spiritual and physical. Relax muscles, realign skeletal structure, open chakras, meridian, and organs channels. whether i am performing acupressure or Swedish massage, energy is the essential foundation. With love, it is my wish, to help in the remembrance of peace and balance. Even in the smallest of seed has the potential for greatness. Swedish massage. : Deep tissue : Hot stone massage : Aromatherapy : Shiatsu

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