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At Arcadian Wellbeing we are so excited to share our energy and traditional therapies with you. We believe that every "BODY" is different so personally choose the treatment best suited to your individual needs and reap the many benefits our massage provides. We understand the importance of looking after yourself and your body and invite you to experience one of our pampering treatments or spa packages. About Ros Latter - Ros is a Self Healing Coach with passion and a drive to help others along on their own healing journey by teaching them life changing tools so they can strive and start living their most purposeful life ever. Ros also has over 20 years experience with Massage and Reiki and has worked with many clients whom have been affected by migraines, back pain, sinusitis, emotional blockages, anxiety and depression. Ros finds a combination of alternative treatments and working with the mind, body and soul not only enhances your healing ability it provides you with a sustainable state of wellbeing and natural balance. A vital part of everyday living. With each session being tailored to the individuals needs.

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