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Energain imported Lilong Energy Barrels from China and helping people who are suffering Constipation, Obesity, Fatty liver, Liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Hepatic cyst, Hyperlipidemia, Chloasma, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Cholecystitis, Eczema, Coronary Heart Disease, Psoriasis, Dysmenorrhea, Insomnia, Arthritis, Rheumatoid, Ozostomia, The blood viscous, Dental ulcer, Prostatitis, Ovarian cyst, Hyperplasia of mammary glands, Myoma of the uterus, Low back pain, Prostatic hyperplasia, Malabsorption, Chronic bronchitis, etc, 36 symptoms to get improvement. Lilong energy barrel is based on the carbon crystal far-infrared spectrum technology. After the super-large area of the spectrum, the heating plate is electrically heated, the bionic far-infrared ray that is most easily absorbed by the human body is emitted, which is supplemented by Tomalin and so on. Energy Barrel focuses on foot and knee care. The barrel can wrap your legs, foot and knees with the following materials: Canadian Hemlock, Carbon Infrared Spectrum Plate, Tourmaline Stone and infrared. Boost your immune system 5~6 times by increasing body temperature for 1 degree. 30 minutes each time that equivalent to about 30 minutes of systemic meridian massage, the equivalent of jogging about 10 kilometers, and about 2 hours of yoga. English is the second language, Chinese speaking.

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