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Remedial Massage has become increasingly popular over the years and because of its healing abilities more and more people are treating it as a necessity rather than a luxury. Healthy Living Massage provides a professional and results guaranteed service and treats clients from all populations. I specialize in Ligament and Tendon Release and I pride myself on getting results with the techniques I use. WHY CHOOSE HEALTHY LIVING MASSAGE - Kyle is a highly respected Remedial Massage Therapist and Lecture. - Techniques are specialized and unique, - A thorough, proven massage system is used for greater and faster results. SERVICES NECK AND BACK PAIN SPECIALIST. Whiplash (Neck Injuries) Headaches/Migrains Lower Back Pain (Sacrual) Groin Strain/Injuries Frozen Shoulder/Pain Tennis Elbow Spained Wrist/tendonitis (carpel tunnel) Shin Splints Patella Tendonitis and Knee Pain Hamstring Pulls, Strains and Tears Quadriceps Strain Achilles Tendonitis Anterior Tibialis Compartment Syndrome Sprained Ankles Sciatica Upper Back Muscular Pain and Tightness Plantar Faciitis Plus many more acute and chronic pain injuries.

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