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Goddess Massage - a deeply relaxing, nourishing massage with an energy healing included. A nurturing connection to your inner divine feminine goddess. Float out feeling like the goddess you are. 90 minutes. $120 (50/50 Qoin) Origin Activation sessions. Learn to see yourself as whole, sovereign being and shift your frequency to create the life of your choice. 3 session packages of 90 minutes each session. $600 for 3 sessions to be booked minimum 3 weeks apart to allow for integration (50/50 Qoin) Healy Quantum Frequency device sessions. Aura and energetic field scans and frequency delivery to harmonise your bioenergetic field to support optimum wellness, physically, emotionally and mentally. 60 minute sessions. $ 111 (50/50 Qoin) Frequency Device sales. Operating south of the river, Perth, WA

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