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Hello, my name is Andrea ? I am a MA-URI® massage therapist, a holistic healer, a person believing in positive change. I met MA-URI® 8 years ago and have been working as a professional therapist for 5 years. I constantly take on trainings in Europe and New Zealand and have been learning about this amazing healing practice. I helped many people with several issues like anxiety, depression, stress and even fibromyalgia.? MA-URI® is a medicinal system from Polynesian traditions. It is a modern embodiment of an ancient healing medium who focuses on health, self-healing and personal growth. MA-URI® creates a state of relaxation helping you to face your reality stress free. Mental, emotional and spiritual inhibitions dissolve in the course of MA-URI® treatment. It reduces muscle tension, stimulates lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive system, and rejuvenates the skin. It helps you to regain your energy and vitality. For most it is a unique, deep relaxing body massage. For seekers it is a therapy to recognise & release emotional blockages presented in the body. An absolute enhancer for emotional breakthrough work. In my new studio in North Ryde, NSW, I am waiting for people who decide to restore the natural, harmonious energy flow.❤️ .

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