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Maia Well Being offers full bodywork treatments on both massage table & floor, pregnancy massage, as well as optional restful indulgence of hot stones, or a nourishing natural facial. As a therapist I have worked full time in Gympie since 2010, as a student of the human form, I was born with it, and it has been my focus since 2008. My lessons were on universal principle, passed down on the principle of evolution, to provide a personal experience for you, relevant to your being living in today's culture. I also offer human movement classes, Maia Movement sessions empower you with being in the present moment, each and every time. The only moment you have any power over. Maia, Goddess of Spring, was chosen to express the spirit of my business, for her reminder of the effortless beauty of nature, her quiet resilience under pressure, followed by the bloom of spring… and for my given name, Juli May.

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