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Why choose Massage & Bowen Therapy?

50/50 Qoin/$NZ The healthy, well and uninjured can reap the benefits of body therapies as well as those in need of therapeutic help. Myofascial Release Therapy ( MFR) Bowen Therapy aka Bowtech Level 6 Remedial Massage Therapy MFR, is a hands on healing therapy that works with Fascia. Releasing the fascia creates more space, movement and glide ability for muscles and tendons. Myo means muscle in Greek, Myofascia wraps the muscles, The deep fascia wraps the blood vessels and nerves. It is widely recognised that our life experiences, memories, emotions even our belief systems are stored in our fascial web. Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue technique that rebalances the body, initiates our self healing mechanism that resets us to a previous state of well being. The method consists of small but intentional moves, usually cross fibre over tendons, muscles and or connective tissue. The therapist uses gentle rolling movements which makes the technique perfect for all ages, it is noninvasive and peaceful. Massage puts the body in a relaxed state to enjoy the pampering you need, each session is tailored to your requirements.

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