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Remedial Massage, Dip Rem Mass with 15 years clinical experience. Energy bodywork including Reiki, Horstmann Technique. And Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I specialise in low back and neck and shoulder pain. The Horstmann Technique is an Australian developed bodywork therapy which realigns the lumbar, sacrum and the pelvic area (Iliosacral Release) and the Arm/shoulder Release technique helps with neck and shoulder problems. Being both a structural and an energy-based bodywork the HT helps release the underlying emotional/mental stresses causing the physical issues. I also teach the HT to single students or in small groups. We are very keen to train more practitioners so please call me, Patti Barton, on 0429 990 819 if you would like to experience a session or if you'd be keen to add a new very useful therapy skill to your practice or to help your family and friends. I also offer Palmistry and Hand Analysis from fingerprints.having studied this field since the early ‘80s.

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