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Why choose Swift Results Massage Therapy?

Our Massage treatments ease & relieve pain so you feel empowered to do your tasks throughout the day ‘no matter what tasks you choose to do. Swift Results provides Muscle and Joint Pain relief for all Muscles & Joints in your body. Including relief for Headaches, Shoulder & Neck Pain, Rotator Cuff, Elbow, Wrist, Arms, Hands, Hips, Back, Knee, Ankle & Foot pain. We work on: Pain Relief for all Muscle and Joint issues Post Operation or Pre -Operation Alignment of Hips, Back, Neck & Feet Maintenance from Repetitive movements We provide advice on: Stretches and strengthening exercises Pillow, Support Cushions, Stretch bands, Spiky balls. What to do after a Massage Essential Oils, gels, Epsom Salts.

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